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workshopProduction   Equipment

Our factory is equipped with a complete line of production equipment, including a cutting machine, powder packaging machine,  granule packaging machine, automatic packaging equipment, film laminating machines, transverse cutting machines, slitting machines, drying machines, and a coating machine. We have also designed and developed an enclosed vacuum feeding system and two-component automatic packaging line, which provides a technical guarantee for a future of developing higher performance products.

Automatic Packaging Machine

Powder Packaging Machine


Transverse Cutting Machine

Production   Process

In the production of premium quality plant fiber desiccants, the plant fiber rolls are first coated with a drying agent in the desired concentration, and are then cut into fiber sheets. After drying, the different sized sheets are assembled into the end product in various specifications.

The production of mineral desiccants and silica desiccants is relatively simple. We first package the desiccant according to the client’s demands for weight, and then package the product in a barrier bag and carton before leaving the factory.

Humidity Indicator Cards are produced by dripping moisture sensitive chemicals onto fiber sheets. We use a special variety of raw paper and then a special chemical agent is applied to the dots. Our humidity indicator cards are most often typically sealed into barrier bags, then packaged into metal cans.


Coating Machine

Granule Packaging Machine

HIC Dripping


Cleaning workshop

Slitting Machine

Cutting Machine

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