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Plant Fiber-type i-humi of Museum

  • Plant Fiber-type i-humi of Museum
  • Plant Fiber-type i-humi of Museum
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Plant Fiber-type i-humi of Cultural relics​




  • Safety. No harm to the environment , human, and Cultural relics.
  • Accurate. Used to regulate the preservation of cultural relics micro-environment humidity, moisture absorption and moisture balance, high humidity humidity. ​Error +-3%
  • Usability​.Easy to use, no space, packaging design diverse.



  • Innovative materials.Fiber-based moisture regulator bythe natural plant fiber and polymer materias,safety and environmental protection, harmless to the cultural relics and the human body.
  • Wide applicability:50%,55%,60%,70%,75%,80%,85%,90%respectively, under the different conditions of 30%,35%,40%,45%,50%,55%(30% or less of te preservation requirements can use the company's "fiber desiccant")
  • High humidity control. At room temperature(20~25 degrees)conditions, the traditional silica gel products, humidity control accuracy of +-5%, while the fiber humidity control accuracy of +-3%, 40% higher than the traditional silica gel.
  • Good humidith performance. Wet capacity is high, the humidity is fast, whether it is "moisture" of "wetting" performance, are better than the trational particles of silica gel moisture- proof material.
  • The shape of the fiber-type humidity-conditioning materials is "card-like", easy to use, not take up space,no dust of particles leak.
  • Customized to customers' requirements.


Model / Specification:


Model specification(mm) package Reference to the use of space
MHC-9 100×60×39g 10pcs/bag 0.015m3/piece
MHC-30 160×110×3;30g 10pcs/bag 0.05m3/piece
MHC-60 180×110×6;60g 5pcs/bag 0.10m3/piece
△Humidity range:RH30%~RH80%; △Standing product:RH55%


Reference dosage and expiration date:

  • Reference dosage (standard environment): 600g ~ 800g / 1 cubic meter volume.
  • Reference time in different confined environments:
    Seal better storage cabinet / showcase: 12 months
    Seal the general storage cabinet / showcase: 3 to 6 months
    Sealed drawer / storage box / capsule: 1 to 3 months



  • Should ensure that the regulation of the environment of the closed, or may not be able to achieve the desired humidity control objectives.
  • After the sealed bag is opened, it should be used in time or re-encapsulated to avoid failure.
  • The use of expiration or humidity adjustment for more than a month when no effect, it should be replaced.​v



  • Selection: According to the preservation of various texture of cultural relics humidity requirements, select the appropriate humidity conditioning specifications.
  • Dosage: Determine the quantity used according to the volume of the environment to be controlled and the specifications of the humidity conditioning sheet.
  • Usage: Open the sealed bag and place the humidity conditioning sheet directly into the environment to be controlled.
  • Check: Use the temperature / humidity meter or humidity indicator card to observe the humidity control environment.



Q: Why will we buy from your company?

A: We are the manufacturer of series kinds of desiccants since 2002,with more than 10 years’ experience that makes us become the leader in this industry and know what kinds of quality and service clients need.


Q: What certifications does your company have?

A: ISO 9001 certified, SGS certificated to REACH, RoHS, DMF-Free.


Q: How about your after-sale service?

A: No matter how problem is, we will try our best to find the best solution and give you a satisfying feedback.


Q: What about the payment of the products?

A: T/T, Western Union, L/C, PayPal


Q: How about your delivery time of the products?

A: Usually we will produce goods after confirm receipt payment, for example, 20 feet container will take 5-7 days to finish.

Q: When can I have the sample? How about the mass order?
A: Usually the delivery of sample is 3-5 working days, and 15-20 days for the mass order.



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