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NEW Humigic Super Acoustic Violin Humidifier

  • NEW Humigic Super Acoustic Violin Humidifier
  • NEW Humigic Super Acoustic Violin Humidifier
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Violin Humidifiers of I-humi for violins


Preventing Damage To The Body Of Your Violin

Protecting Your Investment

There are different types of violin players out there, and not all of them share the same standards when it comes to quality of violins. For most, a violin is just a hobby they like to indulge in from time to time. For others, however, it is far more than that. Because of this, it's counter intuitive to spend thousands of dollars on an acoustic violin, then spend more money to get a case that will protect that Violin, only to store it in your room.

Acoustic violin factories and workshops build these instruments in specifically chosen conditions. These are then shipped to violin stores who will store the guitars in a carefully maintained environment. If you value your instruments and want to protect your investment, a violin humidifier is a must-have device.

Protecting The Sound Qualities Of Your Violin


True two-way humidity control Maintains constant 45% RH within instrument case No water, no drips, no mess Long lasting, maintenance-free design Includes 1 pouch Approved by related authority organization. All desiccant from Humigic passed the test of ROHS, REACH, DMF FREE. It's quality guaranteed.

Main ingredients

Plant Fiber

CaCl2 (food grade)

Basic reference quantity(powder or calcium chloride)

Carton Volume (CBM) Pouch Required (gram)
0.3 18g
1 54g
5 270g (about 15pcs)

Main Specification:

3g/pcs; 20pcs/bag.



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