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Fiber Humidity Control Bag for Cigar & Tobacco

  • Fiber Humidity Control Bag for Cigar & Tobacco
  • Fiber Humidity Control Bag for Cigar & Tobacco
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Product Introduction:

1,Specail design to modify the humidity of storage environment for premuim tobacco and cigar;

2,Moisture absorbing and releasing feature which can adjust the humdity of storage environment and keep RH70% inside;

3,100% natural plant fiber without hazard to human and tobacco;

4,Applicable to such relative close container as humidor and cigar bag.

cigar bag

Specifications of products:

No  Size   Recommended dosage  
 Cigar  Humidor
 Small  4.5"*6"  2-3  N/A
 Mid  5.5"*7*  6-8  N/A
 Big  14"*12"  20-25  1


Usage method

1,Select the size of humdity control bag according to the quanity and size of cigar;

2,Open the bag and put cigar in,sealing;

3,Obsever the humidity monitor or indicator card to judge the humidity inside.


1,Quality guarantee period is around 2 years;

2,The period of usage is 2-3 months;

3,Use in time after open the sealed bag or re-seal to storage;

4,Please replace the humidity control sheet after one period of usage.

usage method;



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